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Three Key Benefits of Using a Carpet Dryer for Your Floors and Carpets

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Do you regularly wet clean the carpets and floors in your home? Or do you frequently have to clean food spills and urine off your rugs? If so, you could benefit from a carpet dryer. Also known as a blower, this is a portable appliance that cools and dries floors, carpets and furniture by blowing cold or hot air through them. In addition to the convenience of drying floors and carpets, below are some great benefits you will get from buying this piece of equipment. Read More»

How To Keep Your Wool Carpet In Great Condition

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Wool carpet can be a great choice for your home, offering a stylish look as well as a soft, plush feel under your feet. However, it can be difficult to know how to keep it in great condition. This short guide offers three simple tips to keep your wool carpet looking amazing.  Avoid Spills And Stains The best way to keep your wool carpet in great condition is to avoid spills, stains, mud tracks and anything else that might damage it. Read More»

Commercial Cleaning Services: Why Contract?

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While cleanliness is essential for a company, it should not take up most of your energy or time. It would help if you had peace of mind knowing that the exercise is taken care of and that the office is clean and presentable. The number of cleaners needed mostly depends on the size of the office and the amount of cleaning work required. For instance, a small but busy restaurant may require at least five cleaners, while an office that looks bigger than the restaurant may only need one. Read More»

Smoke Those Life-Wreckers Out! Know When Mould Remediation Specialists Should Visit Your Home

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Moulds are natural plants that boost the ecosphere in different ways. Some mould species are used to make beverages and food in the food industry, while others are used to make medications in the pharmaceutical industry. However, moulds can sometimes be toxic! They can cause property damage, compromise the quality of life and cause health issues like allergies and nose, eye and skin irritation. If you suspect mould growth in your home, you should contact mould remediation experts to avoid overgrowth. Read More»