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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Trying To Save on Office Cleaning Costs

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How much you spend on office cleaning will depend on, among other factors, who you hire for the job and the size of your office. Most business owners and property managers, in trying to cut down this cost, make some mistakes that only end up being more costly in the long run.

Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid as you try to reduce how much you spend on commercial cleaning.

Cutting the Scope of Work

The scope of work involved in office cleaning covers dusting, vacuuming carpeted areas, sweeping and mopping hard floors and spot cleaning furniture and equipment. Each of these tasks is just as important as the next one if you want a clean office environment.  

You cannot afford to clean your conference rooms and work station areas and neglect to empty the receptacles that hold the trash. Succinctly put, you shouldn't think about cutting the scope of work the office cleaning crew will do, especially if doing so will have a noticeable and significant impact on the cleanliness of your office.

Cutting Back on Cleaning Frequency

Scheduling your office cleaning for three times a week will definitely save you money compared to scheduling daily services. However, it's important to remember that the recommended frequency of cleaning takes into account several factors. The office cleaning company assesses your situation before giving this recommendation.

Think about it. If your trash receptacles are always full at the end of the day, why would you want to change how often they're emptied? What you can do, however, is cut back on the frequency of some of the cleaning tasks. You can speak to the commercial cleaning company about limiting the scope of work in this sense.

Dumping a Reliable Cleaner for A Cheaper Service

There's every reason not to select an office cleaning company based on just the price. It would be sad to discover that the standard of work of the new company doesn't quite match up or that they use cheaper and substandard products and cleaning supplies.

Instead of ditching your office cleaning company, you can always try to negotiate a good deal. This is easy to do if you have a longstanding relationship and provide incentives such as bringing in some referral leads and business.

If you are looking to cut down the cost of your office cleaning and other commercial cleaning services, ensure you do it right and avoid the outlined mistakes.

To learn more, contact an office cleaning company.