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Smoke Those Life-Wreckers Out! Know When Mould Remediation Specialists Should Visit Your Home

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Moulds are natural plants that boost the ecosphere in different ways. Some mould species are used to make beverages and food in the food industry, while others are used to make medications in the pharmaceutical industry. However, moulds can sometimes be toxic! They can cause property damage, compromise the quality of life and cause health issues like allergies and nose, eye and skin irritation. If you suspect mould growth in your home, you should contact mould remediation experts to avoid overgrowth. Read More»

3 Ways Professional Upholstery Cleaning Safeguards Your Health

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Upholstery is the soft covering or material used on armchairs, sofa and other furniture. Silk, wool, linen and cotton are some of the common upholstery materials used. However, most people today invest in furniture with leather as its upholstery fabric. Leather furniture is expensive, and it becomes even more expensive to maintain if you don’t invest in professional upholstery cleaning. Your living space isn’t healthy if your upholstery is dirty. See why it’s important to leave the leather upholstery cleaning task to professionals. Read More»