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3 Ways Professional Upholstery Cleaning Safeguards Your Health

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Upholstery is the soft covering or material used on armchairs, sofa and other furniture. Silk, wool, linen and cotton are some of the common upholstery materials used. However, most people today invest in furniture with leather as its upholstery fabric. Leather furniture is expensive, and it becomes even more expensive to maintain if you don't invest in professional upholstery cleaning. Your living space isn't healthy if your upholstery is dirty. See why it's important to leave the leather upholstery cleaning task to professionals.

Bacteria Lose Their Grip on the Sofa

Though your leather sofa looks clean, you will be astonished to discover the millions of bacteria and germs it harbours. Using hand sanitisers on your leather sofa won't eliminate all the bacteria on it. Don't be ignorant of this: Most bacteria are stubborn, and they are resistant to some of the cleaning products that homeowners use. Don't deny it; food, juice and other substances spill on the leather upholstery, and you don't remove them in good time. You sweat while sitting on your leather sofa, and this makes it damp. Sweat attracts germs and bacteria on your leather upholstery, and this is risky for your health. However, bacteria and germs won't breed on your upholstery if it's always professionally cleaned.

Breathing Problems Won't Bother You Again

The dirt caught in your leather sofa may be little, but its effect on your breathing system is great. Dirt and other allergens build up on your upholstery when you don't prioritise professional cleaning. Most of these allergens find their way into the air you breathe in your house. These allergens make the quality of the indoor air poorer than that of the outside air. The allergens cause some breathing problems, especially to the little children and the elderly in the house. Cleaning your leather upholstery regularly is a smart strategy to keep breathing troubles at bay.

Dust and Other Allergens Are No More

You got it wrong if you thought that only microorganisms are found on an unclean leather sofa. Other irritants such as pollen, pet fur, mould and dust easily find their way to the sofa and get trapped there. If your spouse or children are allergic to any of these irritants, they will cough and sneeze most of the times when they come home. You reduce allergic reactions when you regularly call in professional cleaners to clean your upholstery. Upholstery cleaning is not just wiping the top surface of the sofa, but eliminating all allergens from their hiding places.

Now you know that professional upholstery cleaning doesn't only leave your leather sofa looking clean, but it also boosts your health in a big way. Don't leave leather upholstery cleaning to your family members since they won't know where the germs, bacteria, dust and other allergens hide on your sofa. Professional upholstery cleaning is mandatory for anyone who wants to enhance their health and wellness.