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The Steps That Go Into Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets are a popular flooring solution for many Australian homes. Irrespective of the pile, your carpets will provide you with a soft texture underfoot that makes it easier for you to comfortably walk barefoot in your home. Moreover, the multitude of types, colours and designs they are available in means you are granted to find a carpet that will suit your interior décor style.

However, carpets trap a myriad of contaminants such as grime, dust mites, pet dander and urine. Therefore, keeping your carpeting clean is critical for the overall wellbeing of your home. Contrary to popular belief, vacuuming is not an adequate way of doing so. To help you learn why, this piece explains the various steps that go into carpet cleaning.

Step 1: Assessment

Before the professionals can do their work, they need to investigate the condition of your carpeting. During the inspection, the experts will determine the carpet's pile, the type of fibres and the type of materials so they can decide which carpeting cleaning technique will be best suited for the job. Additionally, they will investigate the carpet for the presence of damage in the form of staining, loose fibres, holes and more. This step is crucial for making sure that no further damage is caused to the carpet.

Step 2: Elimination of solid dirt

The second step of carpet cleaning entails the removal of dry particles that have accumulated on the carpet fibres. Usually, the professionals will employ a specialised vacuum to suck out hardened debris that is embedded on the carpet fibres. The experts will also turn the carpet over and vacuum the underlayment too, as this is a section that is often overlooked by homeowners.

Step 3: Preparation

Before the main cleaning begins, the carpet needs to be prepped. Preparation is critical so that any tough stains and stubborn dirt can be loosened before the carpet undergoes cleaning, as this helps with minimising the risk of damage to the fibres. At this preparation stage, the experts will also treat the carpet with conditioner to ensure the fibres do not lose their texture during the cleaning process. If tough stains are still present on the carpet, the professionals will engage in spot-cleaning during this step.

Step 4: Cleaning and drying

The last steps in the professional carpet cleaning process are the use of specialised cleaning products and industrial strength equipment to extract all pollutants that are lurking deep in the carpet. During this step, the professionals will eliminate dust mites, mould, odours and anything else that was soiling your carpet. Once the cleaning is complete, professional use specially-designed machinery to dry the carpet without the risk of shrinkage.