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3 Popular Commercial Landscaping Trends

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While you could get away with a shabby-looking landscape in the past, you will be lucky if any serious client walks into your business premises with the lawn looking unkempt. Today's customers want more than excellent services and products. For instance, contemporary clients appreciate a breathtaking landscape since it creates the perception of a thriving business. Therefore, when hiring commercial landscaping services, partner with professionals who will help create a charming and inspiring environment. This article highlights critical trends influencing the commercial landscaping segment.

Autonomous Mowers

When landscaping expansive commercial spaces, clearing unwanted vegetation and mowing grass to the desired height can be time-consuming for service providers. Consequently, businesses with vast lawns have to pay a lot of money since landscaping services mainly use manual mowers. However, it should not be a problem since many professional landscapers use autonomous mowers. The robotic machines easily clear and mow a commercial property within a short amount of time. This is possible through artificial intelligence technology, allowing autonomous mowers to map a project area and stay within a property's boundaries. With robotic mowers, landscaping costs have become significantly affordable for businesses, making it easy to maintain well-manicured lawns throughout the year.

Reusing Vegetation

Mulching is a critical part of caring for trees and shrubbery on a commercial landscape. Typically, a landscaper provides a client with a quotation, including the amount of mulch required. However, instead of spending big on commercial mulch, landscapers can help businesses save money by re-using cleared vegetation. Notably, contractors have made mulchers must-have equipment during landscaping projects. Most importantly, mulchers help transform old and dry tree trunks and twigs into wood chips, which can be used as mulch rather than throwing them away. The strategy is cost-effective, especially for extensive lawns that need several bags of mulch.      

Ornate Hardscaping

Another key landscaping trend making waves within commercial premises is ornate hardscaping. Sometimes, it is better to clear part of the vegetation on a commercial lawn and leave the rest for ornate hardscaping. This is where landscaping contractors get creative. They can turn what was previously considered an ugly hedge into an awe-inspiring shrubbery. For example, a creative landscaper can curve out your business' name or initials on the hedge overlooking the premise's façade. Ornate hardscaping reduces the amount of vegetation clearance work, saving time and money in the process. Besides, it preserves indigenous plants in a given area.

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